The New UV-84DTS UV LED printer will be on full display during the UV PRINTOVATION Expo.

Five sessions are scheduled from September 14 - 18. Be one of the first to see the machine in action!


The allure to bigger, better, and faster is always there. With the UV-84DTS, the large-format printer market now has the ideal option for doing more. It’s simple really. You can develop more applications, produce more products, and generate more profits with this 4’ x 8’ (120cm x 243cm) UV LED printer, the largest from DCS.

With the ability to produce durable and dynamic TEXTUR3D effects, photo-quality prints, and fine detail marking across a wide range of substrates, there is a lot to like and a lot to see in this UV LED printer.

Built with a double gantry system for increased printer stability, combined with industrial Ricoh print heads and the DCS trouble-free ink delivery system, operators can reliably print job after job.

With DCS patented technology, quick work is made of high-profit signs with the fastest ADA/Braille UV printer in the world.

Product Highlights

Wide Format Print Area

Print up to 4' x 8' (120cm x 243cm)

Produces ADA-compliant/Braille Signage

The Fastest ADA/Braille UV printer in the world (patented technology)

Z-axis Height Options

Fully adjustable heights to accommodate substrates up to 4" thick (10cm)


3-dimensional prints for a unique look and feel, plus standard flat prints


6" x 8" (15cm x 20cm) MEN ADA/Braille sign prints in less than 1 min. 30 secs. A full 4' x 8' of TEXTUR3D prints in 60 minutes.

Computer and Monitor Included

All UV-84DTS systems ship complete with a computer and monitor optimized for the latest version of Color Byte.

Color Byte 11

The newest edition of Color Byte not only gives more control to operators, but it has been optimized for ease of use.

Industrial Ricoh Print Heads

Ricoh print heads and the DCS trouble-free ink delivery system allow operators to reliably print job after job.

Vacuum Table

An integrated vacuum table to holds flat substrates in place is a standard option on all UV-84DTS units

Print Resolutions

With multiple uni- and bi-directional options up to 1200dpi, resolutions are available to meet the demand of every job.

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