Inkjet OEM Printers

Custom-Engineered Inkjet Printers

Whether your market demands printing onto injection-molded parts, finished parts, raw materials or textiles, Direct Color Systems® wants to be your source for custom-built inkjet OEM printers that you will be proud to sell. Our custom-engineered inkjet printer services offer you the opportunity to secure a printer designed specifically for your marketplace needs.

Our OEM printer services provide a slew of benefits:

Economical cost control
Quick time-to-market
Production in our agency-compliant and audited plant
DCS's in-house design and manufacturing expertise
A unique, advantageous marketing position for both you and your customers
Agency compliance for the appropriate CE, UL, CS, FCC, BV and other conformance marks, as required

DCS is a U.S.-based manufacturer of custom-engineered inkjet printers with a strong infrastructure and many years of experience in each of the four critical development areas for OEM inkjet printer engineering: mechanical, electrical, product design and ink solutions.This experience allows DCS to quote, design, implement and manufacture cost-effective solutions that meet the custom demands of our worldwide customer base.

With our extensive application knowledge, DCS is ready to provide a complete, economical custom printer solution for your requirements. In fact, to meet the needs of our expanding clientele, DCS recently moved to a larger facility in Rocky Hill, CT. The solution, of course, will be centered on an inkjet printer that utilizes either Piezo, Micropiezo or TIJ (thermal ink jet or bubble-jet) technology.

The printer can be supplemented by the ideal software and ink for the specific application. The final component is our ongoing technical support. We will always be available to work with you to ensure that each of your customers is satisfied with their purchase.

Direct Color Systems' custom design procedure consists of the following steps:

Application needs assessment
Initial verification that suggested printing process and ink are suitable for the substrate and the environment in which the final product will be used
Beta testing
Formal proposal
Engineering design

Before DCS can begin to take these steps to custom-design a small-format custom inkjet printer for your niche market, we need to hear from you. Please take the very first step in the procedure and contact us!

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