Name Badge Printing

Name Badge Printer Application

Interested in custom name badge printing? Read below for information on our badge printers.

DCS Direct Jet printers coupled with InkMark substrates are ideal for printing high-quality employee name badges. Our name badge and name tag printers can also print ID numbers, photographs, business logos, and more. Our digital name badge printers are capable of replacing outdated engraving, screen printing, hot stamping, and sublimation processes. DCS name badge printing equipment will help you quickly create durable custom name badges and ID badges of unparalleled quality in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Our name badge printers work on a variety of substrates ranging from plastics to metals. Add TEXTUR3D™ elements for an additional wow factor.

DCS additionally supplies name badge blanks in common shapes and sizes as well as supplies such as badge frames and pins/magnets for mounting.

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