Golf Ball Printing

Golf Ball Printer Application

Interested in custom golf ball printing? Read below for information on our golf ball printers.

DCS UV LED printers are the ideal machines for customizing golf balls with your clients' logos. They allow you to print full-color, photo-quality images, logos and text directly onto golf balls. Standard fixtures are available to allow you to print multiple golf balls in a single pass with a Direct Jet printer. Don't outsource your custom golf ball printing needs when you can turn a DCS Direct Jet printer into a golf ball printer by just adding a fixture! Our compact UV LED inkjet printers provide many unique capabilities that are valuable for golf ball printing, including:

  • Create durable, full-color prints with crisp logos, images (up to 7/8" dia.) and text
  • 6-ball jig available
  • With the Direct Jet 7200z, 210 golf balls can be printed on a single bed.
  • Additionally, three of our small format printer beds can hold a custom 40-ball jig.

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