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Nozzle Laser Head

Nozzles are found on the Laser head on the fibre laser. There are 2 parameters you must look at when purchasing a nozzle; the layer and the caliber. General rule for selecting the Caliber:

Material Thickness  (mm) Nozzle Diameter (mm)
<3 ~1.5
3-10 ~2
>10 ~2.5


General rule for selecting the Layer:

Layer Type Auxiliary Gas Material
Single Air or Nitrogen Galvinised Steel, Stainless Steel
Double Oxygen Carbon Steel, Aluminium

*These rules are used as a guide only. Individual results may vary.

Nozzle's come in either single or double layers. The layer is in reference to what gas you will primarily be using to perform the cut; Air, Oxygen or Nitrogen. The gas you are using is dependant on what type of metal you look to cut. When using Air or Nitrogen you would commonly use a single layer nozzle. However, when using Oxygen as your primary gas you would use a double layer nozzle.

The Nozzle's caliber directly effects the gas flow velocity. Smaller diameter's will result in a higher gas flow velocity which will reduce the level of molten debris. Larger Diameters will result in a lower gas flow velocity but is less effective at removing molten debris.

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